We all wondered why Mona called Aria about Ali being A instead of Hanna in 5x12.

• Notice all the Aria/Mona and mirror parallels?

I think in Season 4 Mona became interested in Mike to not only get close to Aria but try to become her in some way or form.

Mona even started dressing like Aria, the sudden change of clothing style, wearing grunge and leopard.

• Why though? Aren’t we all thinking it has to do with Aria being A? Or them both sharing the same mental illness?

Idk, but Mona seemed to favorite Aria the most in Seasons 1 and 2. Saving Aria and Ezra’s relationship and making Jackie go away (tempted to). And the less fortunate torture from A.

And it seems odd how Aria had some sympathy for Mona in 5x11. Telling her not to say that she shouldn’t of died on that cliff, when in fact Aria threatened her with the same notion. Makes no sense to me.

Anonymous: "Killing someone that easily just proves it more that this -A person is a freaking psychopath.What did you think about Mona dying?"


I had a more emotional ramble about it here, but I’m going to go on and speculate some on it’s possible meaning and reasoning now.

Mona’s murder was extremely violent. Judging by the state of her house, this person wanted her to suffer and wanted her dead. It was an up close and personal killing that had involved a struggle and Mona to be attacked again and again.

It was full of rage.

This person didn’t simply want to shut her up, they wanted to punish her. They felt personally attacked or endangered by her. Mona’s shocked expression when she saw whoever it was standing in her room shows that (again) this was personal. Her reaction made it seem as though she knew this person and was both surprised and afraid. It’s even possible that they were wearing an Ali mask which could cause the same reaction from Mona.

Her reaction is what makes it more apparent to me that it wasn’t Alison like the show is trying to make it look like. She wouldn’t have been so surprised if it was Alison. It’s obvious that two different people were in Mona’s house before she was murdered, though it’s hard to say if they were both in there at the same time. The way it’s shot makes it seem like one person, but the hair shows that it’s clearly not, so it’s possible that there is a gap in time in which the “Black Hoodies” are in the house separately.

The “Black Hoodie” on the stairs could have been Alison or someone with a similar build and hair, but that girl is not the one who entered Mona’s room. It’s possible that person didn’t intended to harm Mona and maybe was after the information she had instead. It’s still possible they did want to hurt her or was with the other person, but it’s not clear, so it’s open for guessing.

The one with the choppy hair cut is the one who wanted to make Mona suffer. This person is clearly psychotic. As I said, the amount of violence in this murder shows that it was personal. This person hated Mona. Mona had to have done something to them to make them feel victimized and this is how they sought revenge. There are a lot of extremes revolving around issues with power and control in this show. Mona’s murder is clearly one of them.

She did an awful lot as -A and it’s possible that the Liars aren’t the only ones she harassed that way. She stepped on a lot of people when she clawed her way up the social ladder as well. She spent some time at Radley and may have even met this person there. Whatever she did to this person, it made them want to tear her apart. I personally think it was very likely caused by a betrayal.

Going off the possibility of a betrayal, -A had been gunning for Mona for quite some time. She was no longer useful to them. Her attacks were petty and no where near the brutal level this -A is on.

"Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts."

This is why I find it highly likely that it was -A that killed her. Mona was getting closer to figuring out what may have happened “that night” and was finding connections. She was doing this with the Liars. -A was done with her, but with her jumping ship it could have felt like a betrayal. She was helping the girls and she wasn’t supposed to help them. She was supposed to be against them.

This -A is clearly deeply tied to what happened “that night”. They had even told Alison that they watched her mother bury her. They more than likely know the truth about what really happened and was part of it. There are still some unexplained deaths and it’s highly likely that this -A killed them.

Those deaths were pretty clean though. It wasn’t as sadistic as Mona’s. Either -A wasn’t directly involved in her death, or they were pissed with her. I just feel like -A is involved in some way though. -A is a group, and it’s possible that it wasn’t a group decision to kill Mona this way.

It could be one of the group members going rogue or it could be that Big -A is truly that twisted. Going back to, I play with body parts.” -A has played with and staged both Ian and Wilden’s bodies. They killed Jessica to mirror Bethany and to get at Alison.

-A has sent human bones to the girls in the past. Teeth, fingers, just where did -A get those? Are they from some random person/people they dug up in a grave yard like when they dug up “Alison’s” grave? Was it really even Bethany in there to begin with? Are they the remains of others they’ve killed? What do they plan to do with Mona’s body now?

They took her body, so they must have a plan for it. They may stage it to make a statement like with Ian and Wilden. They may make it a more personal blow with where they place her like with Jessica. They may send the Liars pieces of her like the other parts they’ve received in the past. They’ll more than likely try to make someone else look guilty of it too. What ever they plan to do, it will be awful.

Just as Mona’s death was intended to hurt, what they plan to do with her body will be intended to hurt the Liars and/or Alison. With Alison already looking fairly guilty of Mona’s murder in the fandom’s eyes and her looking fairly guilty of being -A in the Liars’ eyes, I’m positive all of it will be pinned on her, which should make it more apparent to the fandom that Alison is not responsible.

This show has been signed on for a seventh season. It wouldn’t be solved just yet. It’s illogical to believe that Alison is behind it all after we’ve seen so many moments of her own pain and fear at hands of -A. If that alone isn’t enough, remember the writers have to milk this for seven seasons. They wouldn’t just have two seasons of knowing who -A is as that kind of defeats the whole plot of the show.

I’m uncertain of the meaning behind replacing Jesus with “Loser Mona”, but it was clearly done for a reason. It’s meant to symbolize something, but it’s hard to say. The most likely is that Jesus had died for our sins, insinuating that Mona had died for the Liars’ sins. He was killed slowly and painfully, like Mona appeared to have been. Jesus suffered for us, as Mona had suffered for the Liars.

I’m getting more rambly than usual, so I think I’ll stop here. To sum it up - Mona’s murderer is certifiably crazy, the way she was killed showed a lot of rage, they plan to play with her body, and more than likely will make it look like Alison or the Liars are responsible. They had been texted, "It’s all your fault. -A"

The second to last paragraph…so sad.

Did Mona Have A Camera In Her Room? Was Her Death Filmed?



Marlene King posted this on her Instagram two months ago and it has me thinking after seeing the doll up on the shelf in the finale. Did Mona have a camera in the doll? We know Marlene likes her hints and this creepy doll definitely has an eye issue, which leads me to believe the one on the left has a camera… will the liars find it!




Theory #43 - Mona is Faking Her Death


Ok so after a very dramatic 5a finale, everyone is mourning Mona’s death. We all thought for SURE Mona was faking her death, until we saw the body. But what is she still is? There is just SO much evidence pointing towards it!

1) The fainting and the bandaids. In 5x10 Mona randomly passes out…


Theory 19 - Aria hit Bethany to protect Spencer


I can’t shake the idea that Aria is guilty of something. Maybe not of being A, but of something else.

Remember the police board from 4x03? It said that Aria would do anything for Spencer.


And in last episode, we learned that Ali picked Aria because she was the compassionate one.



Awesome! Remember arias pig puppet? Her dad says that she never went anywhere without it. In the pilot we see the puppet while the girls are drinking, but when they wake up it’s not there. If aria brought it everywhere, maybe she left it outside of the cabin wherever she went…

Mona Theory


Remember when Mona passed out in the choir room…. was there a reason for that?

I was kinda hoping she passed out because she was donating A LOT of blood… like the amount of blood they found in her room…There has to be a reason her body was taken and just blood was left behind.

This episode they…

Nice catch, they did seen to be talking about her as if she was some sort of god! Ugh, I saw a body, I heard what Janel said, and I STILL won’t believe she’s gone. No no nooooo



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witchmist: "am I the only one who thinks showing Mona in the trunk was total fucking overkill because they ripped my heart out"



Rule number one of the PLL fandom: no one is dead until we see the body



Same shoes for aria and the little girls in the twin story, same outfit for byron and the dad of the little twins. Coincidence ? Shady as hell

oh my god

No fucking way

The aria twin swap theory LIVES!!

Anonymous: "Hey there, what do you mean with Melissa marrying Ian for an Alibi? What Alibi ? Do you mean as in Ian would lie for Melissa when asked what she did that night? XXX"


At the start of episode 1x13 Spencer overhears the newlyweds Melissa and Ian downstairs whispering. It is really hard to to hear but the conversation is something like this:

I = We can’t just tell them

M = We have to

I = We just have to keep quiet…It will all be wonderful I promise

M = I just think..

I = No Melissa no one has to know, if they find out the truth they are going to question us about things we can’t answer.

M = I know, your right

I = You just have to remember, we’re in this together

Then Spencer runs back to her room and gets the email saying:


Hinting that Ian and Melissa would cover for each other. (back in Season one we thought Melissa was covering for Ian not the other way around)

If Ian knew what Melissa did he could testify against her, but if they were married he would not have to testify against her (spousal privilege)

So I think that Melissa told Ian her secret. This would explain what Ian meant when he tried to kill Spencer and make it look like a suicide by pre-planting a suicide note on Spencer’s computer with Spencer confessing to killing Alison. he said he was doing it because he loved Melissa. If Spencer went down for Killing Alison then Melissa would always be safe.

Funnily enough that is what happened when Ian died. Someone made it look like a suicide, leaving a note in which he confessed to Alison’s murder.