5x12 “Taking This One to the Grave” Canadian (M3) Promo 


Pretty Little Liars Fatal Finale -  Taking this One to the Grave Promo

They say something like “the amount of blood suggests that the victim’s wounds were fatal.”

Sounds like there won’t be a body?

he-makesmebitemylip: "Hey! I was thinking about Ali at the end of 5x10 and if she is A or has anything to do with torturing the girls, u know how they had dinner at Em's house, and later we see A with the mail of Ella's wed invite, while Ali was so against Caleb. In a way I feel like she was behind that Zach note to Hanna, she was really against Caleb and I think it was a plan to get him away from her if Caleb didn't believe Hanna. Fuck I'm so confused with Ali!! Can't wait for 5x11 I'm from sydney so mine is tmrw!"


Good theory! I never looked at it from that angle! I could see her doing it bc of Caleb esp after their little run in at school. Ali is def confusing this season lol…I wanna believe her bc I feel like something was up with the kidnapping but then little bits of the old Ali peak out. Omg,you can’t watch until tomo?  :( I would be freaking out lol!

Didn’t think of this but yes!!!

Anonymous: "I'm kind of thinking that Uber A/Black Veil, (if they are the same person) Bethany, or the twin has some kind of deformity? Because Black Veil's mask got burned, and it's plastic so it's going to burn your skin (if she was wearing it while it got burned). Bethany's drawings of the girl looking into the mirror doesn't really have a face, and the other up close drawing of a girl looks like her eyes are burned out, as well as the surrounding skin in that area. What do you think?"


i did not even thought about how the plastic may have burned someone! i think it’s definitely possible. i am not sure i want to say i subscribe to the theory 100% because the show doesn’t generally put logic at first priority, which i get rosewood kind of exists in like a heightened reality and it’s fantasy-but-not-really-fantasy, and that’s fine, it works for them. but you have a great point, babe.

if the black widow wore the ali mask in the lodge fire or something, the plastic would have burned them, but that would cause them to have burns after 3.24? so bethany’s drawings, i’m not sure. they could have been, to bethany, like maybe self-expression, but double as foreshadowing to the viewers.

perhaps the reason why black widow wears their veil is because they have the burns. but if this is the case, i would say hands down they are someone’s twin, someone we haven’t seen nor met yet. but marlene said we saw the black widow sans-veil in 4.19. i’m not sure.

This happened in the books! The real Ali tried to set the girls on fire but it backfired and she got some nasty burns all over!

The eyes are the windows to the soul….


Did everyone notice how Bethany gauged Mrs. D’s eyes out just like A/Mona did to Ali’s eyes in the lair pictures? I couldn’t find a better picture but you know what I mean…could there be a link? The only eye connection I can think of is…Jenna. She can’t see. Mrs.D and Ali are blind without their eyes. 

Can anyone think of any other connections? We know Mona did that to Ali’s eyes in the lair pictures. Bethany did it to Ali’s mother. What is the connection? 


'A' is Blowing Stuff Up - Jason DiLaurentis the Provider Theory



Ever wonder all the cool stuff you miss if you don’t pay attention to the details. Well, that was my problem last week and it finally dawned on me that everything we see in one episode won’t make sense until we combine them. Therefore, I went into my analyzing mode and everything seemed to…



I still think Melissa is protecting Spencer. Spencer was seen in 4x24 dragging a shovel, the girl in the grave was killed with a shovel.

Once Ali returns to the barn, Spencer’s asleep. But we don’t know what happened on the way back (or why she was awake before the other girls).


Yep this is exactly what I’m thinking!

Theory - Damn it! I’ve figured it out!


Melissa wasn’t looking up places to visit for herself. She was looking them up for Cyrus. Alison met with Melissa and asked her to do it or blackmailed her or whateverthefuck either way, that’s what Spencer found on Melissa’s computer. Tickets for Cyrus.


Cyrus was the guy from the 100th episode that Ali was talking to in the Surburban.


Alison was dressed quite similar to Mona in 5.01.