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Wtf are they trying to say that Bethany Young is related to Aria Montgomery??



To Kill a mockingbird

Alison’s bedroom wall hangings

Jenna’s owl necklace (Jenna also smiles at birds in the sky in 2x24)

Tippy the bird

The aeroplane (metal birds)


Marion Cavanaugh’s obituary

The Red Finch Inn

Also The episode titled “Birds of a feather” 3x4

This makes me think of when you hear a secret you say

"a little BIRD told me!"

Does anyone else see this split in half? Like cover up each side and look at the picture, almost like two different people or a split personality. The left side looks more friendly, like the side Mrs D. wants us to see. But on the right, it looks darker and more sinister, like the evil she’s hiding. Fits with the whole angel/devil thing going on with the horns and wings.

So does Mrs. D have a twin or just some nasty secrets? Murdering Marion Cavanaugh maybe?


So everyone seems to be under the impression that Bethany Young sees Mrs. DiLaurentis as a demon/evil creature. But if that was the case, why wouldn’t she paint Mrs. D as the demon? Instead it shows Mrs. D looking tortured, trying to live a normal life (as shown by her doing the mundane task of watering flowers) with this huge black presence looming behind her. So it immediately led me to believe that someone close to Mrs. D is the real danger and Mrs. D has been a victim. So who is the demon Bethany Young is portraying? Jason? Alison? Kenneth DiLaurentis?

Just a thought. Let me know what you think!

Really like this interpretation.



Byron & Allison - Lolita Book Theory - FOLLOWER SUBMISSION

I tried putting the pictures in order from how I am going to explain it. Here we go:

Alison has always had different sides to her (pic 1.) We have also seen her with the Lolita book throughout the PLL series (pic 2 & 3) The author of the book is named Vladimir Nabokov. If you rearrange the letters in his name it spells out Vivian Darkbloom aka Ali’s alter ego (pic 4). We all know how much Ali loved acting & pretending to be someone else. Now lets talk about the book itself.

Okay, first let me start with a mini summary of the story (I’ve actually read Lolita btw). It’s about a 38 year old man named Humbert who is a professor & falls in love with a 12 year old girl named Dolores (pic 5). Lolita is Humberts nickname for Dolores. Humbert then marries Dolores’s mom just to be close to her. The mom dies & the Humbert & Dolores eventually start a sexual relationship & drive across the country together. 

The most shocking thing about Lolita was the major age difference between Humbert & Dolores . Ezra & Alison are only a few years apart & so are Aria & Ezra. The age difference in Lolita is more similar to Alison and Byron.

Now we all know that Alison was seeing an older boy that summer but it has never been revealed who (pic 6). It can be Ian, Ezra, “Beach Hottie”, or even Byron. Now I know that the chance that it can be Byron does sound weird but hear me out, bear with me here.

Ali & Aria were the one’s who saw Byron & Meredith in his car kissing. My guess is that Ali already knew that he was messing around with Meredith & that sparked jealousy in her. She purposely led Aria their because she knew that he was there (if you look at that flashback carefully you can tell Ali doesn’t look shocked but more like she wanted to lead Aria there so she can see). Knowing that Aria would get mad she convinced her to go to his office at Cicero College & look around for evidence of Meredith being there. That’s where Ali “found” the earing. (pic 8, sorry about the pic mix up). She showed it to Aria because she knew that it would get her mad & convinced her to trash his office (pic 7). Alison wouldn’t just write “You can’t get rid of me” without a reason. AND, remember Alison told Aria that the earing must have been Meredith’s? In 3x02 when Aria hands it to Meredith, she says they’re not hers. If it’s not hers, then whose is it? If Alison planted those earrings there, why did she lie? What could she gain from that? They trashed Byron’s office because of it & Meredith got framed. Now why would Alison want to trash Byron’s office? Her own jealousy about Meredith perhaps?

Going back to Alison’s diary, there is a page where she is talking about Byron (Mr. Montgomery) & about him cheating on Ella. In the page she writes “____________ is cheating on her ____ I love it! I mean it sucks for Aria but I’m a sucker for drama.  There’s no way Aria tells her mom though. Mr. Montgomery will talk her out of it, I just know it! She doesn’t have the courage to stand up to ____. That’s why I picked _____ I know Mr. Montgomery ______. Note to self: _________ this, he owes me _______ what can I get _______(“out of it” maybe?).  ”he’s cute but old." (pic 9, sorry about the pic getting cut off).

Something suspicious was going on between Alison and Byron. They were talking awfully close the night she disappeared. (pic 10).We know she was blackmailing him about Meredith but what if she was blackmailing him about her too? An affair with a student could ruin his marriage but an affair with a minor could send him to jail AND ruin his marriage. He looked way to worried to just be scared of his marriage ending. After all, Byron was hiding something & he lied to the cops. Aria even thought Byron killed Alison at some point & maybe he thought he did which actually turned out to be Bethany Young. So my theory: Could it be possible that Alison is Byrons’ Lolita? Let me know your thoughts please & sorry about this being so long! Hopefully the picture turns out good to since it saved weird on my computer. Love your blog keep it up & Happy Birthday!

I was actually thinking alone the same thoughts as those written by Analyzing A…. except I went at it at a different angel.  I am thinking Aria has way too many secrets.  Despite sinister looking reasons, we have to remember she was an innocent child once.  I think Bryon, her father, caused a split personality in Aria.  I was thinking he was a pedophile and took an interest in Aria’s friends.  Perhaps Aria’s mind broke when/if she witnessed Alison with her father.  I mean actually witnessed a sex act.  Yet, she cannot remember it.  She does ask her mom about ” a friend who misses chunks of time and could not remember them”.  Plus, if you look at those flashbacks, Bryon is worried about the implications of being caught.  However, he mentioned Aria.  I believe he says how could Alison do this to Aria.  Despite his evils, he loves his family, his children.  I think Alison created Vivian Darkbloom in an attempt to look like Aria to gain unconditional love from Byron.  She didn’t find it with Byron.  Her Lolita book becomes an unfulfilled fantasy.  Alison then turned to all her antics in a rage snapping at anyone next to her.  I am still working on why Alison may be seeking unconditional love.  Obviously, it is because it is missing in her home.  The reason eludes me other than her parents made many bad decisions.  The twin theories is interesting, yet I am not entirely convinced.  It could be that the trauma of being separated from her twin created a void she cannot fill and thus is the motivation for her “mean girl” acts.  I do not think she has a twin.  I think she has missing family members….. well still working on it.  Let me know your thoughts!

Reblogging for the added comment!!! Such an interesting take on it and I’m definitely loving the part about her seeking love due to her family situation. There are so many incredible story lines they could pull out what they’ve given us, I only hope it lives up to half the fan theories I’ve read! 👏👏👏


is very strange that Aria received a very long message when the girls (Hanna and Ali showed their phones) only a short one. very suspicious don’t you think?


Ali was talking to Toby or an A-Team Member??

Thanks to this fabulous Anonymous clue about the 3.14 and 5..05 connection (thank you so much!) I was able to find out the mystery person that Alison was talking to in the first 5 minutes of the 100th episode. Toby is seen driving a black Suburban in 3.14 and the car that Ali is seen at is the same vehicle he drove in 3.14, exact rims.

If not Toby, then a member from the A-Team being that vehicle belongs to the A-Team.



Photos from Bethany’s sketchbook in 5.07 preview.

The bottom photo is of a body falling from the rooftop at Radley. I believe it’s Marion Cavanaugh falling to her death. Bethany is portraying Mrs. D as evil. Mrs. D probably is the one who pushed Marion from the roof.

These are so freaking creepy ugh

Anonymous: "Do you still think Ali is A after tonight's episode? I always thought she was A and this was her big play/production but now it seems like it would be too much to get someone to attack her, somehow have Em find out about her plans to leave and get mad at Hanna, then have Em come in at the PERFECT time to save Ali. I don't know what to think anymore."


i am really not sure to be honest! i was saying this while watching, and like, i just don’t know. i mean, the thing is, is that there are ways around most of the scenes that you would think, “okay, this proves ali is not A.” 

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Is Jenna the character with the twin? We’ve been told ‘someone has a twin sister’ Tammin said it herself. It looks to me like they are trying to make them look alike with the hair and glasses (why is Sydney even wearing them?)image